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It is with serious concerns and much deliberation, the Arkansas Leather Guild has announced
the cancellation of the 2020 IFOLG Show. The deciding factor is the deep concern with the
uncertainty of covid-19. The health and safety of our Show attendees is first and foremost in
this decision. Another consideration is our treasured and numerous members from outside the
United States. Its unlikely that travel bans will be completely lifted by that time. The Guild also
sought council from many folks outside the guild plus considered statistics and trends with this
tragic disease, before making this unprecedented decision. In other words, the research and
homework has been done. The Executive Board of the International Federation of Leather Guilds
has been informed and are all fully support the decision of the Arkansas Leather Guild.
With covid-19, we have all faced unheard of situations in our public and private lives. Who would
have ever imagined that a nation, like the United States, would have been asked to shelter
in place, in our homes. Many of you, your friends, relatives and acquaintances have found
themselves without jobs or closing their own businesses for an undetermined period of time.
Sadly, each day we hear of more businesses that will not be able to reopen. We would have
never thought that the event so many of us look forward to and plan for every year, would be
canceled because of a virus. This has been the first meeting to be canceled in our 50 plus year

The Arkansas Leather Guild has worked long and hard pulling everything together in preparation
for the Show. If you have ever been involved in planning or doing a show you know what
this all includes. We do not feel this labor of love should be in vain. The Executive Board is
recommending that the 2020 Arkansas Leather Guild show be moved to 2021. The upcoming
annual shows will simply move forward to the next year. Deliberation about meetings, elections
and competitions are on going and more information will be coming to you soon.
In closing, let me stress that this cancellation is absolutely through no fault of the Arkansas
Leather Guild. The primary reasons are serious concerns for the health and safety of attendees
due to the threat of the covid-19 virus. None of us can forsee the future and we can't predict
where all this will be in 2 months, 6 months or a year. However, when it comes to the IFOLG
membership, we are well advised to err on the side of caution. Many of our members fall into
the extreme portion of the at risk group for covid-19. The last thing anyone wants, is to see is a
fellow leathercrafter contract this disease and risk the possiblity of serious complications.

More information will be coming soon.

Cher Dixson
President - Arkansas Leather Guild

Dave Smith
Executive Director - International Federation of Leather Guilds

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