About Us

The Arkansas Leather Guild would like to thank you for visiting our website:

The ALG was founded in 1998 for the purposes of teaching the art of leather craft and for fellowship for leather workers across the state of Arkansas. The charter members set the following goals:

  1. Further the knowledge and leather experiences of our members.
  2. Teach the next generation of leatherworkers.
  3. Give back to our community through workshops and donations of leather items made by guild members.
  4. Have FUN!

The ALG offers classes regularly and holds a business meeting once a month. For information about meeting times and places call (501) 455-1195

The ALG is a proud member of the International Federation of Leather Guilds.

The ALG officers are:

Cher DixsonPresident
Lance JessupVice-President
Tish KholSeceratary
Mitch ConingTreasurer

Please send email inquiries to:

Please send postal correspondence to:
Arkansas Leather Guild
901 Towne Oaks Dr, Ste. B 
Little Rock, AR 72227

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